Posted by: Emmett Fitz-Hume | September 29, 2009

Extrusion Technique

When I first noticed this extrusion machine I thought “BORING.”  Then I thought again.  Why could we not use a machine made for extruding precious metals to create delicious food!?

Extrusion Machine

Extrusion Machine

We were lucky enough to get this version off the back of a Hong Kong merchant ship for 375k (US).  You could probably pick up a used one for 150k if you know where to  look.  It’s not in perfect condition but works perfectly for our needs.

It’s extremely heavy and our test kitchen is already packed but we managed to find room by the furnace/smelting operation.

The first thing that comes to mind, obviously, is spaghetti.  But a typical pasta dough would gum up the works and get sticky very quickly.  We needed something that could compress like play-dough.

Luckily Austin remembered that we had some re-dehydrated tomato-chile paste in the freezer.  From there it was a quick leap to genetically-modified carageenenan, our new favorite destabilizer.

Behold, the world’s first extruded re-dehydrated tomato-chile spaghetti ropes.

extruded spaghettiNow what to serve it with…



  1. Re-Dehydration is the way of the future! Deliciousnocity indeed.

    • Thanks for your kind comment. But it’s “deliciousnessosity,” not “deliciousnousocity,” “deliciousnocity,” or “deli-snausages.”

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