Posted by: Emmett Fitz-Hume | October 12, 2009


Why do people, in the world, our world, one assumes, always let themselves be satisfied with just doing something once?  I was drinking my espresso a few weeks back (my own blend and roast, not available in stores…yet! SHH!) and saw an article in the local daily paper about a local pickle producer.  The article put him up on a pedestal and you know what he had done?  Nothing that hadn’t been done many, many, many, many, many times before!  He produced and packed pickles!  BORING.

I was so infuriated that I decided  to make pickled pickles.  I first pickled some cucumbers and then I pickled the resulting pickles.  The brine times and types are too complex to enumerate upon here; they were simple enough that I intuitively knew them.

Pickled Pickles
Pickled Pickles

The resulting brilliant briny digestibles were so far beyond “pickles” that they deserve a new name.  Any ideas?

Sometimes limits must be explored for what they are and are not.
Sometimes limits are imposed by nothing more than our own expectations of what those limits are or, in some cases, are not (or even could be/have been from time to time).
Limits tend to limit us.

My second cup of espresso tasted so much better than the first.  I wonder why?



  1. I see you have moved so far beyond mere pickling- through vacuum sealing, compression, hyper-compression and other techniques- as to come back to the start.

    Sometimes simplicity is the simplest way.
    Sometimes we should re-evaluate tradition.
    But in the end, tradition defines “what has been done before.”
    Simple, really.

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