Posted by: Emmett Fitz-Hume | October 16, 2009

Design Contemporaries

It’s hard, sometimes, for us to realize that we, are alone.  Nobody else is innovating the way we are.  How did we become what we are?  We are spiritually akin to the designers of the original pasta shapes.  We simply create what MUST be created and like a classical sculptor we cut away all of the unnecessary bits.  A lonely pursuit to be sure.  Imagine our surprise then, when we find out that some of our forefathers are still alive!  I feel a burning yearning in my loins to design a new pasta shape!

Phillippe Starck‘s Mandala shape:


Giorgetto Guigiaro‘s Marille shape:


Neither of these two shapes are still in production but Austin sends word of a cache found near Vesuvius (he is, I believe, researching the best type of volcanic ash to use as a thickening agent).  On his return we will be hosting a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive invite-only dinner featuring the two most elusive and exclusive pasta shapes in the world.  If you know how to get in touch with us then you may be invited.

I think Starck said it best:

“I was so happy because I’m very interested in things close to humans. I said, “OK, what can I do with pasta? Why do we love pasta? When do we love pasta? We love pasta when we are children, when we are sick, when we are stoned – ah! – or when we are old – in other words, when we are a bit regressed. But sometimes when you eat pasta you become fat. Perhaps the thing I can do is to give the same pleasure, with a good mouth full of pasta, but without making people fat. How I can make a pasta that will be ten percent pasta and ninety percent air? If you make a tube, you have ninety percent air, but when it’s cooked, it collapses.” That’s why I thought of a spring that makes the pasta stay open. And because American and French people always overcook pasta, I made two wings that have a double thickness, so that when you overcook it, eighty percent of the pasta is still al dente. I asked a doctor, “What is in pasta?” and he said, “It’s a perfectly well-balanced food.” “Well-balanced: yin-yang! Perfect, that can be the spring!” This shows you that even in something small, everything can be functional. If you just make a nice design, it’s nothing.”

Truly a man who takes heed after my own heart whose words fly by the seat of their pants by night.


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