Posted by: Emmett Fitz-Hume | November 10, 2009

We thank you for your support

If you have a few extra ducats lying around it would behoove you to get to our online sale of our old accoutrements.  We’re currently in talks with a number of designers (see below) in regards to a totally new mode d emploi for ingestibles that does away completely with utensils and dishware.  Think hypodermic needles and nasal inhalation.  We’re calling them untensils and anti-dishes.  Some chefs I talk to say they’ve been using these techniques for years but to bring these advanced techniques into the foreground of food discussion is apparently taboo.  Until now.  Please help us out by buying our old stuff so we can buy what we so desperately need.

Ingestible Digestible Comestible DESIGN TEAM:


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