11 Commandments

We chose eleven because we thought that ten sounded a bit pretentious.

  1. There is no “molecular gastronomy.”  The term itself is limiting.  We create the future in the present.
  2. There are no “ingredients.”  There are only components and elements.  All else is distraction.
  3. There are no “dishes” and there is no “spoon.”  There are only digestibles and indigestibles.
  4. We favor synaesthesia over umami.  Umami involves only one of the senses, two at the most.  Synaesthesia involves all 12.
  5. Ziploc bags, while not officially a sponsor, are extremely convenient in any number of situations, not to mention very reliable and sturdy.
  6. One must eat food to know food.  One must acquire food to eat food.  One must have money or access to the natural bounty of the earth in order to acquire food.  If one has money one can travel to be near a place where one has access to the natural bounty of the earth, so the money part is pointless because if you don’t have money you probably don’t live in a castle in the antarctic or something crazy like that and really you probably are near the ground in a place that produces food, etc.
  7. Food is not *only* sustenance.  Food is art.  Food is the soul.  Food is a sodder between the two that can’t be broken *even with* a soddering iron.
  8. 8 times the appendages means 8 times the digestibles!  (note this does not *just* refer to octopi)
  9. Never do anything that has been done before.
  10. Alway do new things.
  11. Never repeat yourself.

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