When one writes to one’s public, one must always begin by informing one’s readership of not only who one is, but also where one comes from and what one plans to do.  To that end the authors of this public-facing side of our research have decided that a formal and compleat (sic) introduction is necessary.

Dr. Emmett Fitz-Hume (DDR, DDS, PHD, ABQ) is an emminently regarded big-game hunter who has hung up his blunderbuss and pith helmet (forced, in no small part, by PETA and some national agencies who must, unfortunately remain unnamed) in favor of flavor.  For while hunting and killing rare albino bengal tiger was breathtakingly rewarding, he found that different methods of preparation such as (not limited to, but certainly including) white tiger peppermint frosting, white tiger tooth strawberry coulis and white tiger/truffle antipasti somehow transcended the ingredient itself and elevated it to what he calls a “NEXT next level.”  Also the rarity and endangered status of the beast (if indeed there are any left) made it super-cool and exclusive.

The doctor then founded a school and named it the College of Digestibles (it’s very very very very exclusive and as such unlikely to turn up in any kind of search one may do-you basically have to know Austin or Emmett).  The first year it had an enrollment of 2 students, Dr. Emmett Fitz-Hume and Austin Millbarge. Together with the lone professor, Prof. Dr. Emmett Fitz-Hume (for while Dr. EF-H had to learn everything about every digestible in the History of Man, there was only one person capable of teaching such a course-load, and that was Prof. Dr. EF-H himself), they embarked upon a rigorous schedule of travel, kitchen-work, book-learning and, of course, ping-pong.

Upon graduation the two new friends/explorers decided that, as the most eminent flavor-technologists on the planet, it would do some small amount of good to sprinkle what wisdom the populace could properly digest back onto the rest of the world at large.  The fruits of this decision, this thrice-gilded lily, spread before you now like a lily gilded three times and laden with fruit.  Bon Apeptic.

The authors in their heyday

The authors in their heyday



  1. Brilliant.

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